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Learn how Galitzer & Associatesí knowledge of international tax laws can help you.

Client Services

Galitzer & Associates offers a full range of accounting services with a specialization in United States and Israeli taxation. We are available to help you structure your business activities in a way that will minimize your local and world-wide taxes and be most efficient from a functional standpoint complying with requirements of government tax agencies. Whether it be starting a Mom & Pop business or structuring an international multi-company venture or just planning for a contemplated transaction, we are available to help you.

We can help you set up the structure you need whether it be:
* an Israeli Limited Liability Company or an American LLC or S Corporation;
* a partnership of individuals or companies or a chain of companies;
* the appropriate trust to minimize current and future taxation;
* a tax exempt organization in Israel or in the United States, or
* planning to help minimize personal US estate taxation.
In each case we are available to assist you in preparing the appropriate financial statements and/or Israeli/US/State & local tax returns.

Our firm has experience with such matters in various industries including: independent professionals; R&D start-up companies and Venture Capital partnerships; call centers and financial consulting firms; industrial manufacturers (both private and public) and wholesale distributors.

Individual clients range from the average individual with a special situation to doctors, lawyers, computer specialists, lecturers, Rabbis and other accounting firms.

The range of recurring services we offer include:
* bookkeeping (usually in start-up situations);
* salary planning and calculations;
* periodic tax filings and annual tax returns;
* reporting to agencies for government grants;
* responding to government correspondence.

What services can we offer you?

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